Hello, I’m Diran.
Software architect
and author.

I have over 20 years of experience in Solutions Architecture & Principal
Engineering, working with various technologies and platforms.

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I develop software that helps
you shape the future

I have designed and built scalable, secure and reliable solutions for various domains, such as e-commerce, finance, and education.

Panamacore framework

Panama simplifies software design, particularly for 70%+ of medium to large-scale business projects. It streamlines N-Tier applications by condensing multiple layers into one object, enabling direc command invocation from the UI or top layers. Currently developing Panama V3.0 for microservices and distributed computing.


Zapcard offers a comprehensive solution for managing organizations, offices, schools, and users with customizable access levels. Utilizing React 18 for the web portal and powered by Panama Canal, it ensures efficient development and continuous development of event-driven microservices. Access and manage documents securely via AWS S3 bucket integration.

Jonathan Fox

Founder of Badak

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About Me

I love sharing my knowledge and insights with others through my articles, podcasts, and content.

How to Turn Your Current Job Into Your Money Making Business! Often times people forget that the very places they work for are all businesses themselves. You need to provide an incentive to your superiors, be the employee that makes them money and they will have more to pay you with, it’s simple.

How To Action Plan Your Fears Away_______ Idea –> Plan –> Action. The strategy includes a 2-way strategy. The first segment s related to three key parts that should be taken into consideration when improving your persona, and the second one measures the effective call-to-action and how it should be executed.

Discover Architectural Innovation


20 years – Principal Engineer & Architect

16 years – UI Architect

18 years – Database Architect

12 years – Network & Systems Analyst

10 years – Mobility Software Architect

10 years – DevOps/Cloud Architect

Anne Maria

Lead Director of Candy & Co.

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— I develop software that helps you shape the future —

Hello, I’m Diran. Software architect and author.